Not quite ready

I hadn't showered in the week since I left the hospital, not quite ready to face seeing my new naked body. I'd been in an accident, nearly dead, but my mom voluntereeed herself to save me. They put my mind inside her body so I could live, and I woke from the coma looking at the world from behind her eyes.
I avoided mirrors. I couldn't bear to see my mom's face peering back at me. But there was no avoiding the feel of my new body: the way my breasts bounced at each step, the hair tickling my neck, the smoothness between my legs. And the way my dad looked at me, both haunted and hungry, made me sad.
At last I had no choice but to take a shower, and I stripped naked, avoiding looking down as the water sluiced over my new body. I cleaned myself briskly, soapy hands slipping over and around my mom's breasts. Despite my discomfort at touching myself, my mom's body was hungry for it. A spark of warmth flared to life between my legs and I let my hands linger on my breasts a while longer. Scrubbing down my stomach and then over my mound, I was surprised by the sharp heat that coiled inside me when my fingers stroked against my pussy.
I circled inside myself, wetter than water, as the heat raged inside. My hips began thrusting up to meet the fingers on each downstroke and my pussy lips parted for me. I landed on those beautiful velvet folds and leaned heavily against the glass wall of the shower as the orgasm broke over me.  I gasped in my mom's airy voice, enjoying the first tendrils of her orgasm.

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