Perverted neighbor

When I got home there was no sign of my wife. After the chaos from the Great Shift I was worried about her. I'd remained the same but so many people around me had changed. Suddenly, I heard a cry that sounded like my wife coming from the house of the perverted neighbor next door.. 
I dashed over to the his house and threw open the door, only to find my wife on the couch fucking the pervert. Her fingers were on her pussy rubbing herself, rocking up and down on his cock as she moaned. She heard me come in and looked up, grinning.
"Hold on, hold on," she murmured to the neighbor, before sitting back, but still with her legs spread, almost taunting me with the sight of the pervert's cock still lodged inside her pussy, her other hand stroking a bare breast, teasing her little nipple. "Your wife's pussy is incredible," she moaned.
"It really is," pervert neighbor agreed, running his hand along her leg and over her moist entrance, making her moan.
It turned out that our wives had swapped bodies during the Great Shift, and our neighbors took great pleasure in enjoying her body. She flaunted her new form and they taunted us by fucking in front of the open window, groping herself all the time, and walking around naked.
My wife and I weren't having nearly as much fun. We couldn't get over the sight of the bitchy neighbor's body that my wife possessed. They'd definitely gotten the better deal.

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