Lucky Accident 2

It turned out that my girlfriend's body swap with her mom was some sort of freak phenomenon they couldn't recreate, which meant they were stuck as each other for the foreseeable future. Maybe even forever.
My girlfriend took this in stride, maybe because she saw I was so eager to come over and fuck her. Our love life had never been better, and I got to slide my cock against her mom's feet as she tickled my shaft with her tiny toes. She clasped my dick between her feet and jerked me off, my shaft gripped tight by the bottoms of each beautiful foot until I came and spilled creamy cum over each perfect toe.
We grew so close, but her parents hated it. Her dad, especially. He couldn't stand to see us together, to watch me kiss and hold hands and pet the woman who used to be his wife. It got even more awkward after he caught us fucking.
He must have suspected something but it wasn't until he caught us on the couch that he really knew. She thought her parents would be gone for a long time and had invited me over. One thing led to another and I was soon inside her, holding one leg in the air as I thrust into that beautiful wet pussy I'd come to love. She moaned and gripped her tits, enjoying the pleasure running through her mom's body every bit as much as I enjoyed fucking her.
We were so caught up in passion that we didn't hear the door open, and I didn't know anything was wrong until she stopped moaning and said:
"Oh, hey dad,"
It was too late for me to stop, though, and I thrust deep and came, my cock throbbing into her. When I was done, I peered over her shoulder at her red-faced father, my cock still inside her hot wet cunt. I was sure he'd seen my dick throbbing inside his wife. There was no hiding our relationship anymore.
Oh, they tried to set rules, but my girlfriend was an adult and treated her new body as her own, allowing us both to enjoy it whenever the urge struck.

A demon continues his plan of body possession and body swapping to grow his powers in The Devil You Know (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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