The Devil You Know (Part 2)

A demon continues his plan of body possession and body swapping to grow his powers in The Devil You Know (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Zed is a minor demon who needs worshipers to become powerful enough that he can finally be with Lisa, his mortal love, forever. And a vacation with her family and friends gives him the perfect opportunity. In the conclusion to The Devil You Know, Zed sets his sights on possessing the rest of the group: pregnant Charlotte and boorish Chet, siblings Jane and Jonah, and then wonderful Lisa and her aloof husband, Jay.

Zed spends the day possessing the group to pull their secrets from their mind before transforming their bodies or swapping them into someone else, mixing them up to both terrify and amaze them.

Charlotte wants her husband to love her. Jonah wishes he was more like his sister, Jane. Chet covets Jane’s body. Jane wants to be impossibly gorgeous. And Lisa wants a young, virile husband who can satisfy her.

Zed fulfills their wishes, not always in the way they expect, but in the way that they deserve.

This 10,000+ word story contain themes of body possession and body swaps, and explicit solo and couple scenes.

Zed peered out from the world behind Jonah’s eyes. His head itched and his fingers got stuck in his tangled hair as he scratched. Jonah was so weak and scrawny, a far cry from the bulk he’d just occupied.

“I’m done, too,” Zed said, pushing back from the table and grabbing Jonah’s heavy science fiction book.

Lisa sighed and turned to her husband. Zed returned to Jonah’s room and shut the door behind him. He could hear their voices rising as they sniped at each other.

Jonah’s chest was nearly concave beneath his pristine white polo shirt, and a slightly sour odor followed him wherever he went. With his powers, Zed calmed the fear shooting through Jonah at the sudden takeover of his body. There were so many things Zed could change about Jonah that he thought the young man would like, but where to start?

“What do you want, Jonah?” Zed asked himself as he dug through Jonah’s suitcase for a sweater. “A bigger dick? More powerful muscles?”

A flash of pink caught his eye and his hand was drawn towards it. Pulling it out, Zed discovered a pair of pink lace panties. Now this was interesting. Jonah’s response to the panties in his hand provided Zed with an explanation. The panties belonged to Jane and had been stolen from out of the dryer several months ago.

Zed shucked off Jonah’s his pants and his boxers. He rolled the panties up his skinny chicken legs and over his—surprisingly large—dick. Zed felt the excitement rising in Jonah’s mind, followed by the crushing disappointment, the feeling of incompleteness, and the utter disgust of looking at the cock he’d had to cram into the panties.

“Is there something wrong?” Zed asked. “You feel like you’re missing something, don’t you?”

Zed released Jonah’s mouth and felt his lips tremble and then it all spilled out: “I’ve never been comfortable in my body. I hate it! I hate…this,” he gestured to his limp cock. “Why can’t I have been born a girl, like Jane?”

“Is that what you really want?” Zed smiled reassuringly.

“More than anything.”

“I can help you, Jonah. My name is Zed. I’m an alien sent here from another dimension to help humans like you. We adjust the world to make it right. But silently, behind the scenes. No one must know about me.”

“What can you do?”

“You desire your sister’s body. I can give it to you. All you have to do is swear your allegiance to me.”

“If you can do that I swear I’ll do anything.”


The boy’s desperate willingness to believe made Zed’s job so much easier. He walked to the wall separating Jonah’s room from Jane’s and placed his hand on it. Through the thin walls he heard Jane moving around in her room, angrily banging her suitcase lid against the wall as she threw it open. Zed concentrated and leapt from Jonah’s body, this time taking Jonah’s consciousness with him. He forced them both through the wall and into Jane’s slender body, pushing her own consciousness out. Zed grabbed her mind and stuffed it back into her brother’s body then froze time around her, pausing her in mid-realization—he would deal with her in a minute—before returning to watch Jonah delight in his new form.

Jonah found himself in his sister’s room, kneeling in front of her suitcase. A suitcase filled with pink lace and sexy outfits. Jonah gasped and Zed watched from behind his eyes as Jonah held up his hands and wiggled his sister’s fingers.

“Oh my god,” he muttered, his hands coming to his throat and a smile growing across his face as he heard Jane’s honey voice spill from his own lips.

Jonah pushed himself to his feet and ran for the mirror in the bathroom. His body swayed in delightful new ways and he had to adjust to his balance. He flipped on the light and gasped as he stared at himself. Jane’s face reflected back at him, her little mouth opened in an ‘o’ of surprise.

Jonah’s fingers trembled as he leaned closer to the mirror, eyes flicking over the dusting of freckles across the bridge of his perfect nose. He pushed the silky hair out of his face and let his fingers roam down his body, feeling his sister’s curves, fingers delighting in running along her soft skin. He lingered on her tits, bouncing them in each hand, before slipping his hands down his pants and following the soft line of his slit, fingers just slipping in between his pleasant new pussy lips. Then he turned and arched his back, wiggling his tiny butt as he ran his hand down over a cheek, squeezing the taut fullness that he now owned.

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