Feigning outrage

Your friend's younger sister swapped bodies with you so she could go out with the guys, leaving you at home on a Saturday night. Not that you minded. You pretended to be exasperated when you found yourself in her dainty form dressed only in a loose nightie.
She thought she was tormenting you, but she had no idea that the moment she left you began exploring her body. You pulled up the bottom of the nightie, revealing the wonderful swell of her ass. You stroked yourself, enjoying the curves, the smooth skin that you now possessed. 
She would be gone for hours, which would give you plenty of time to enjoy her body. You went slowly, caressing yourself lightly, driving your temporary body into ever heightened arousal until your pussy was practically dripping. Only then did you toss off the nightie and give in fully to temptation. 
Your fingers felt incredible inside your tight pussy, and you stared down at yourself, watching your fingers disappear into your entrance, feeling them clutched tight by your wet canal. You moved faster, the wet sounds of yourself so delicious as you twisted and stretched, finally cumming in a breathtaking orgasm that left you warm and weak.
By the time your friend's sister returned, you were tucked in bed, exhausted from the multiple orgasms. You complained bitterly about being stuck in her body, feigning outrage, knowing that would only make her want to swap again.

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