Until then

I was making toast for breakfast when my half-sister, Liz, came downstairs. Even now, three days after the Stranger had swapped our bodies and made us desire each other, our lust was as strong as that first night.
My resistance melted as she pulled up my dress and rubbed my former cock against my new plump butt. The effect was instantaneous, my body melting into her. I hated that I was stuck in my half-sister's body, hated that I was so incredibly horny for myself.
"I'm sorry," Liz whispered as she plunged her cock into my pussy.
I was already so wet for her and all I could do was moan, my jaw dropping open as my knees went weak. Her cock felt so perfect inside me. She clutched my waist and drove in, pushing a gasp from my lips and making my tits bounce on my chest.
She fucked me long and slow, and I orgasmed around my former cock several times. Every sensation was a delight. I worshiped her cock, gripping it with my half-sister's cunt and being an unending source of delight for both of us. When she finally came and filled me with her hot seed I cried out in ecstasy, my body finally sated.
For now.
I needed to get away from my half-sister before she grew hard again. Distance was the only thing that could keep us from fucking. Maybe I could find the Stranger and get him to swap us back, but until then I had to live my half-sister's life, and fuck my former body.

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