You’re a naughty girl

“Damn, girl, look at this big ass,” Lawrence exclaimed.
Please stop, Scarlett begged from within her own mind as Lawrence forced her to run her hands over her bubble butt. Her traitorous fingers squeezed and pinched and lightly smacked her own ass. She was forced to stare down at her body as her fingers played across her skin, bringing an unwelcome needy warmth between her thighs.
“Come on, we’ll both have fun,” Lawrence said in her voice as he continued stroking himself, winding Scarlett’s body up with desire. “As long as I’m stuck inside your body we might as well enjoy it together.”
The Stranger had burst into their apartment and thrust Lawrence’s mind into the body of her boyfriend’s sleazy roommate. She was left helpless inside her own head, experiencing everything but in control of nothing. The worst part was that Lawrence seemed to enjoy her pain. No, scratch that, the worst part was that Lawrence couldn’t fucking stop touching himself.
He left them both in a constant state of arousal. Even though his voyeuristic tendencies creeped the shit out of Scarlett, she was dragged along as he used her own hands to pleasure her body. He slipped her fingers in between the crack of her ass, around to her rapidly moistening pussy, greedy for her body.
It was as if he enjoyed what the Stranger had done.
Lawrence gave his fat butt a slap. “Fuck yeah. You’re a naughty girl,” he said in Scarlett’s voice, beginning another round of pleasure that Scarlett couldn’t fight.

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