Hopefully nothing would come of it

When I mastered astral projection I quickly got in the habit of taking over my sister’s body after school. I could flit through the walls in my spirit form and directly into her body, where I would take control.
I had so much fun enjoying her juicy tits and her squeezable little ass. Her bedroom echoed with her cries of pleasure as I fingered myself to orgasm, my thighs slick with my juices, pussy making lewd wet sounds. I would flit back when I finished, leaving her none the wiser. But eventually I wanted more and I wondered what it would feel like to play with a cock using my sister’s delicate hands?.
One day I got naked before projecting myself. When I landed in my sister’s body I walked to my room. My body was laid out on the bed, chest rising with each breath. Excitement began rising in me and I felt that little tickle of heat that meant I was getting horny..
I slipped out of my sister’s clothes and wrapped her fingers around my former cock. I stroked myself, my dick growing strong and hard in her little fingers until it stood completely upright. I admit I was curious, and opened my lips to suck my own cock, running my tongue up and down the veiny shaft. I couldn’t believe how wet it was making me. I sucked my dick, swallowing as much as I could into my sister’s warm wet mouth while my tits bounced on the bed. Finally I slid my lips off with a wet pop. I was sopping wet and ready for more.
I straddled my unconscious body, throwing a leg over my former waist and sinking down, letting my own cock slip inside my entrance and glide slowly up inside me. I moaned as the girth pressed apart my pussy and I sank down until I was full of myself. The head of my dick rested deep inside my sister’s pussy.
I rode myself, grinding my pussy back and forth, enjoying the bounce of my tits and the wonderful feel of my own cock spreading me apart. I hadn’t meant to ride myself to completion but got so carried away that I orgasmed hard, my pussy clenching around my former cock as I filled my sister’s womb with my own hot seed and cried out in her silky voice.
Whoops. Hopefully nothing would come of it.

A car accident leaves a dropout brother swapped into his perfect sister’s body in Moving On, available on Smashwords, Amazon and Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I got a better idea. Why not change it up a bit ? While in possession of her body during sex her spirit got pushed into his body because of intensity and she woke up in his body right before exploding

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