Tastes so good

“Jesus, my pussy tastes so good,” my girlfriend mumbled, momentarily pausing her tongue between my velvety folds. “No wonder you loved this so much.”
I just whimpered and looked away, not wanting to see myself naked. I didn’t like the sight of this body. Every time I stared down at myself I was so critical. Too fat. Too ugly. And don’t even get me started on how disgusting a pussy was to look at. It made me shudder thinking how often I’d used to eat out my girlfriend back when I was a man.
We’d been trying out this program to help our relationship by swapping different traits. My girlfriend and I switched bodies with all of all our sexual appetites remaining with our former bodies in order to understand each other better. I was so tense as she licked me, worrying about how I smelled and what I looked like.
My girlfriend inhaled deeply, clearly enjoying her musky scent. I looked away, trying to think about other things. She kept licking me, tongue swirling into my soft insides and gradually the pleasure drove out the bad thoughts. I could even tune out the wet sounds of my sex.
My body began tensing in a good way. I felt myself spreading ever wider for her, dripping down my thighs. The first thunderous orgasm made my eyes roll into the back of my head and my body shake. I moaned in her voice, my self-consciousness towards my body temporarily overwhelmed by the lust and desire shooting through me.

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