You can’t leave me!

“You can’t leave me like this!” Ash begged, lurching towards Jenna. His tits swung free and his voice cracked, on the edge of tears.
His former paused, one hand on the door handle, and looked down on him with a rueful smile. “I can and I will. That body was nice but I’m ready to move on. When I come out of that store you better be out of my car or I’ll call the police.”
Ash’s former body walked away, ignoring Ash’s entreaties. Ash could feel warm cum sliding down his thigh. He’d picked this woman up on the side of the road and, just minutes ago, he’d been fucking her. His hands had been pawing at the soft tits he now possessed, his cock had been inside the slick warm canal he now owned.
Ash didn’t even know who he was now. This woman had no ID, and only the clothes on her back – or, rather, the clothes on the floor of the car.
Even in Ash’s terrified state he knew that no one would believe him. His only choice was to leave. Maybe try to find others who had been swapped by this man, because Ash couldn’t believe he was the first. Ash only hoped he could figure out a way to swap back before he ruined Ash’s life the way this woman’s life had been ruined, left alone and used on the side of the road.

Sebastian wakes up one morning in the body of Cindy, a cute young woman who lives in the dorm room below him. But his own (former?) body is still moving around, completely oblivious to Sebastian’s confusion. What’s more, Cindy is still conscious and thinks every sexy thing she’s done is of her own free will in Suddenly Cindy 1, only available on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. Again you need law and justice for magic people, and victims of magic people if you make a Fictional world,or Fairy tale world .
    If I lived in Star Wars, and my Family was ⚰️🪦 by Darth Vader I will want Darth Vader in Prison for 18 years to 4,000 years.

  2. I don’t understand. In what body was the swapper if the man’s body was Ash’s and the woman’s body was an unknown woman’s body?

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