Suddenly Cindy 1

Sebastian wakes up one morning in the body of Cindy, a cute young woman who lives in the dorm room below him. But his own (former?) body is still moving around, completely oblivious to Sebastian’s confusion. Has he really become Cindy overnight? Or is he suffering some sort of psychotic break? Find out in Suddenly Cindy 1, only available on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords.

Cindy had been acting strangely these last few weeks, changing from a studious hard-worker to the campus slut almost overnight. And now Sebastian is in her body. But that’s impossible. Has he always been Cindy or is something more insidious is going on?

As the clues mount up, Sebastian begins to see the outline of a huge conspiracy. One that will see nearly every woman on campus possessed by a man who wants to use their bodies for their own pleasure. And only Sebastian can stop them.

I woke up in a stranger’s dorm room. It was laid out like my own, with two single-sized beds on opposite sides of a small room. But the cat posters on the wall weren’t mine, the lilac bed sheets that covered me were unfamiliar, and the detritus on the small nightstand belonged to a stranger.

I didn’t remember going into someone else’s bed last night. I hadn’t gone out drinking or partying. I never did. I’d come back to my room after dinner in the dining hall and stayed up late finishing up the history paper that was due today. My roommate had come back at some point and I versed him in a few rounds of racing on our game console before going to bed.

As I groggily blinked the sleep out of my eyes I realized there was even something unusual about my roommate. His back was to me and his cream bedsheet covered the light swell of feminine curves. Wait. That wasn’t my roommate. Was I in a woman’s dorm room? How did I get here?

I pushed myself up into a sitting position. Something silky tickled across my face. When I swept it out of my eyes I found my fingers gliding through long hair. I pulled a strand around in front of my eyes and peered at it. The hair was long, coal black and wavy, which was odd enough considering I’d always had blond hair. But even odder were my fingers. They were slender and almost delicate-looking, with gentle curved nails and hairless knuckles. They were the fingers of a woman.

My mouth dropped open and I stared at my hand, flipping it around to look at the palm and curling my fingers open and shut. My fingers were smaller, longer, more…elegant. I raised my other hand to my face and peered at it. It was identical. These weren’t my hands. They responded to my commands and they were attached to me but they weren’t mine. I tossed aside the covers and realized that this entire body belonged to someone else.

I wore a lightweight oversized tee shirt with a Mario Brothers print. It draped lightly over my body, jutting out at the chest before spilling down to pool in my lap. My legs were bare and they were gorgeous. Long and lean, with smooth skin and exquisite calves. I wiggled my toes, watched the painted red nails move.

I hooked a finger into the neck of my shirt and pulled it open enough to see down it. I was greeted with the sight of two small but firm breasts hanging from my own chest. I gasped – a light, airy sound – and let the neck of the shirt fall back against my skin.

What the fuck had happened? I knew what the fuck had happened, but…what the fuck had happened? Why was I a woman? Who was I?

I quietly stood and looked around the room. Like my own room, each side of this dorm room belonged to a different person. There was a desk and a wardrobe on my side. Atop the wardrobe was a small round makeup mirror. I hurried over to it, noticing as I moved how my hips swayed and my body jiggled in unfamiliar places. Stepping in front of the mirror, a woman’s face slid into view.

She had an expressive face. High cheekbones. Slender eyebrows. Soft red lips. Her mouth was open in wonder, just like mine. I raised my hands to my new face and felt the delicate contours of my smooth cheeks and nose and chin. It was real. I was her.

I realized I knew her. She was Cindy—or I was Cindy now?—and she’d been acting strangely the past few weeks. She was in a few of my classes but hadn’t been attending recently. I’d heard rumors that she’d gone wild, become a party girl, done a ton of drugs and slept with a ton of people. Come to think of it, I’d seen her hanging around the dorms with various men. I just assumed they were classmates but maybe they were something more. It didn’t sound like the Cindy I’d known but maybe people change in college.

Or maybe someone changed her. Someone found themselves in her body, like I did now, and went wild.

Or, a more sensible alternative was that I’d always been Cindy but I was having some sort of psychosis that made me think otherwise. It was certainly more plausible than being transferred into someone else’s body. But how could I know for sure?

My real room was on the floor directly above me. It was a co-ed dorm, with men’s and women’s dorms alternating floor by floor. I would go up there and see what was happening to my former body. But I couldn’t go like this, naked but for the oversized tee shirt and panties.

I quietly hunted through the wardrobe for some clothes, coming up with some jeans, a white shirt and a black sweater. I tossed the clothes on the bed and then stripped off the Mario Brothers tee shirt. I swiped my long black hair out of my eyes and let it tickle down my back past my shoulders as I stared down at myself. At my tits. They were gorgeous, perfectly sculpted, each capped with a pink areola. I couldn’t help it. I touched one of my breasts, nudging it slightly to watch it wobble. Then I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed, enjoying the soft weight, the gentle firmness.

I released myself and let my gaze trail down the rest of my body: flat stomach, flat groin covered by pale pink panties beneath which I could make out the dark form of my bush. Below that were long delicious legs. I was so hot. This body captivated me. I’d always thought Cindy was cute but she never seemed into me. But now I had her body I could do anything. Or maybe it had always been my body and this really was some sort of psychosis. Either way, the possibilities of exploring myself made me shiver.

I shook the distraction away and stepped into the jeans, yanking them up around my waist. They were tight and form-fitting and they made my ass look incredible. I slipped on the shirt and then the black sweater. It was a look I’d seen on Cindy often. The sweater clung to her light form, tapering in beneath my breasts to clasp my trim stomach.

It was still early and the dorm hallway was empty as I made my way to the stairs and up one flight to the men’s floor. I approached my door and knocked a few times to rouse whoever was inside. There was the click of the lock and then the door swung open. Another me – myself – my body – stood in the doorway.

Other Me’s blond hair was sleep-tousled and he blinked at me with groggy eyes. I paused, gaping at my former body from my new perspective. He was taller than I, and the face peering back at me was slightly odd because I was used to the mirror image of himself.

“Hi…Sebastian,” I began timidly.

“Oh, hey Cindy. What’s up?”

I paused. I certainly hadn’t expected this. That my body would just be fine without my mind inside. Or maybe my mind was inside. That, coupled with Cindy’s – my – strange behavior, would certainly give more weight to the psychotic break theory.

“I, uh…what did you get up to last night?” I asked, for lack of anything else to say as my mind tumbled to process the fact that my old body appeared completely normal.

Other Me ran his hand through his hair and shrugged. “Umm…Just finished a paper and played some video games.”

That checked out. “Nothing weird happened?”

Other Me frowned. “Like what?”

Like, you found yourself in someone else’s body? I didn’t ask. “Nothing, uh, strange?”

“Are you okay, Cindy? I haven’t seen you in class recently.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Sebastian. Just…stuff going on. I gotta go.”

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  1. Might be little dumb, but im confused by the perspectives here. Are chapters titled “Cindy” parts where she regains control/consciousness?

    1. The idea is that she’s always conscious but doesn’t know she’s being possessed. She thinks everything she does is her own idea.

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