I’m you!

“Holy shit I’m you!” Marshall screamed.
“Fuck, I’m you!” Beth gasped.
Marshall looked down at the lacy bra supporting the pendulous breasts of his stepmom while Beth took a step back and looked down in horror at herself. Marshall poked a tit and watched it wobble.
“Eww,” he said with a grimace.
“Hey! Don’t touch those!” Beth yelped, grabbing his hand and yanking it away.
“I’m in your body now and I can do what I want,” Marshall retorted, dodging away from her. “Look! Touchy touch touch!” He teased her, squeezing his big new tits.
Beth finally backed him up against the wall and grabbed both his hands, pinning him there with her now-superior strength.
“What the fuck happened?” She growled.
“I don’t know but I bet it had something to do with that statue.”
They both looked at the pieces of the statue on the kitchen floor, all that remained when they both dropped it in surprise at the switch.
“Do you think we’re stuck like this?” Beth asked.
“God, I hope not. I don’t want to be in your body.”
“I don’t want to be in yours, either.”
“Well, you don’t seem to mind touching me,” Marshall spat, nodding down towards Beth’s pants, which were stretched out with her erection.
She quickly released him and stepped back, looking down at herself and shaking her hands in disgust.
They both froze when they heard the front door opening.
“Dad’s home!” Marshall hissed. “What do we do?”
“Just…pretend to be me while I try to fix this thing,” Beth replied, sweeping the pieces of the statue up in a plastic bag.
Marshall put on his best smile, which became a little strained as his dad swept him into his arms and kissed him.
“I like this welcome home,” Marshall’s dad grinned.

In the conclusion to the Every Day series, Corey thought he’d escaped the spell but it’s come back with a vengeance, now transforming both his girlfriend, Caitlin, and the bully into sexy women stereotypes. Every Day 3 is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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