Family dynamic 2

April gripped Sam’s head and lowered her daughter’s juicy cunt down on his cock. She gazed down at herself, releasing a sound that was half-laugh, half-moan as her pussy parted for Sam’s shaft. Sam’s cock was so big and April’s new pussy was so tight. A wonderful pressure built within her core as she slid down his shaft, letting each inch penetrate her sexy young body.
April was having so much fun being young again after the magic statue had made her and her daughter, Cassie, swap bodies. It had been a total accident, but one that April wasn’t willing to immediately undo. She was startled at first, and had tried to swap back but to no avail. Maybe the statue had to refill itself, or maybe it was a one-time thing. Whatever it was, mother and daughter were stuck as each other for the foreseeable future.
At first, April felt so awkward being in her daughter’s body. But the longer she was in it the more she grew used to it. She came to love the energy she had. And the guys were flocking to her once again.
April promised to be good and not do anything to ruin Cassie’s life. But she couldn’t help herself. April’s best friend, Sam, was such a hunk and so obviously attracted to her. When they went for a hike in the nearby canyon, April took the opportunity to seduce him.
Now there she was, riding Sam, her young pussy full of cock for the first time. She bounced happily on his dick, grinding and slowing whenever she felt he was on the edge of cumming. With her decades of experience and her lithe young body she rode him like a master, stroking her clit and sending bright waves of pleasure through her as Sam’s cock hit her innermost pleasure button.
She rode him until they exploded together, gasping and crying out as he filled her, spurting his hot cum into April’s pussy until she was delightfully full and warm and trembling with delight.
April hoped the statue was broken forever.

In the conclusion to the Every Day series, Corey thought he’d escaped the spell but it’s come back with a vengeance, now transforming both his girlfriend, Caitlin, and the bully into sexy women stereotypes. Every Day 3 is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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