Family dynamic

Request: Can you make a story where a mother and her son’s girlfriend accidentally switch bodies? The mother enjoys her new 21 years body while the girl is disgusted in her middle aged body.

“What if we can’t switch back?” Cassie asked, her lower lip trembling as she looked up at her own body.
“There has to be a way to switch back,” April said, examining the statue.
Cassie sniffed and dropped her head, but that only resulted in her gaze landing on her mom’s deep cleavage. She wiped her eyes and looked away. Now wasn’t the time to bring up her mom’s clothes again, and yell about how her mom needed to dress her age. It really bugged Cassie that her mom seemed to like the attention she got from April’s friends. Like she was flirting with them.
“So then what do we do?” Cassie asked, clasping her hands together. “I mean, I can’t go to school like this.”
April looked at her and pursed her lips. It was weird watching her mom’s expression on her own face.
Finally, April said, “I guess we have to pretend to be each other until we figure this thing out.”
“I don’t want to be you!” Cassie exploded, slapping her lap in frustration. It made her mom’s body jiggle in uncomfortable ways. “And why aren’t you even wearing a bra?” Cassie demanded.
“Honey,” April said, sitting beside her and stroking her back. “We need to stay sensible…”
“Sensible?” Cassie shot back. “I’m in my own mom’s body. How is that sensible?”
April rolled her eyes. “I mean we need to stay calm and work through this. Stop being so dramatic.”
Cassie was about to explode. “We just swapped bodies! I think some drama is called for! Oh, fuck this.” Cassie stormed off.
Even in each other’s bodies they had the same family dynamic.

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