Have to wait

Your roommate’s girlfriend was hot, and as straight and prissy as they come. Your roommate confided in you that she’s aloof in the bedroom, uninterested in sex as it might mess up her hair. You’ve kept it a secret from him that you’ve masturbated to thoughts of her several times, imagining being unable to unlock her wild side and get her to go down and dirty on you.
While looking through a thrift store you find an old-style genie lamp with an honest-to-god genie inside. After stuffing the genie back in the lamp (much to his annoyance) you hurried back to your apartment. After rubbing the lamp, your first thought was your roommate’s girlfriend.
“I wish she would do anything I wanted her to do.”
“Granted,” the annoyed genie said.
There was a puff of smoke and when it cleared you realized you’d been fooled. Looking down, you saw your roommate’s girlfriend’s chest, her wonderful breasts held tight by her favorite top. You could certainly make her do anything you wanted now because you were her exact duplicate. Before you cold fully process that, your roommate’s girlfriend walked into the apartment. She froze when she saw you, her eyes going wide, and then she backed away in terror.
Before she could panic and scream you blurted out your second wish: “I wish she was a dirty whore just for me.”
“Granted,” the less annoyed genie said.
Instantly your roommate’s girlfriend’s entire demeanor changed. She crossed the living room in quick steps and kissed you. In minutes you were both naked. You gazed down your delightful new body, your roommate’s girlfriend’s tits bouncing from your chest as she licked and sucked the copy of her own pussy, luxuriating in the taste of herself, wetting herself on your juices and being a dirty whore for you. She licked and sucked your new cunt, assisting with her fingers, thrusting them in through your wet canal as you arched your back and cried out in a wild orgasm.
Your third wish would have to wait.

In the conclusion to the Every Day series, Corey thought he’d escaped the spell but it’s come back with a vengeance, now transforming both his girlfriend, Caitlin, and the bully into sexy women stereotypes. Every Day 3 is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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