Every Day 3

In the conclusion to the Every Day series, Corey thought he’d escaped the spell but it’s come back with a vengeance, now transforming both his girlfriend, Caitlin, and the bully into sexy women stereotypes. Every Day 3 is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon.

Corey believed he was finally free of the spell but as he takes the prom stage for a victory dance with his girlfriend, Caitlin, changes once again. This time Caitlin is transformed by the spell, along with the bully, George.

Or have they always been busty platinum blonde waitresses like Corey? Or maybe pinup bunnies? It’s hard to tell what’s new anymore. The magic is changing reality around them and warping their minds, making them believe they’ve always looked so sexy and acted so slutty.

Now Corey, Caitlin and George have to work together to find and destroy the spell books before the magic totally consumes them and they permanently become the sexy stereotypes they appear to be.

Corey waved to the other students spread out across the dance floor, happy to be back in his own body. Despite George’s best efforts, Corey had been made prom king and had broken the spell. It seemed to have put everything back the way it would have gone, as Corey found himself wearing a smart tuxedo rather than the sexy negligee he’d picked out in his former sex-crazed female body. His broad chest filled out the suit and he could once more feel the power in his limbs.

Corey made his way across the makeshift stage towards Caitlin. Her smile lit up her face as he approached. She was standing center stage and looking gorgeous in her flowing white prom dress. The school principal, Mr. Myers, was waiting beside her. He held a cheesy-looking brass scepter in one hand and the other was outstretched to congratulate Corey on becoming the prom king.

As Corey reached out to take Mr. Myers’s hand the whole world seemed to lurch. Corey felt reality rippling and shifting around him, the changes beginning in his feet and quickly expanding upwards until his entire body felt impossible stretched.

No! This can’t be happening! He raged in his mind, even as he felt the sensations that heralded more physical changes.

The whole room seemed to expand upwards, and it took a second for Corey to realize that, no, it was actually him shrinking, losing a head of height in seconds. A ticklish sensation rippled across his skin as his body hair receded, drawn into his body and leaving smooth, bare skin with a healthy glow. His muscles shrank, the power leaving his body, shortening his limbs and making soft curves of his previously stubby fingers. The nails, usually bitten to the quick, grew out into polished, carefully manicured perfection.

As Corey’s body changed, so too did his clothes. His tuxedo warped around him, the pants creeping up his legs, leaving a trail of leggings that clung to a woman’s beautifully sculpted and powerful calves. Tiny orange shorts appeared, stretching around an ass to die for but providing barely more coverage than underwear. His polished black shoes brightened to white sneakers, fit perfectly to his now-dainty feet. The coat and shirt tightened up as the they shrank until there was no slack left. The long sleeves shortened and grew white, the hem pulled up his stomach as the whole top collapsed into a tight white t-shirt which was now tied up in a knot above his flat, golden belly.

Corey gasped as his chest inflated, two breasts ballooning out and weighing him down, straining against the shirt while silky brunette hair exploded from his head and swept across his face, filling his vision. Corey’s ass firmed up, expanding slightly, becoming two pillow-soft cheeks clasped tight by the fabric of his shorts. His face wriggled and twisted, softening and becoming more feminine, his nose shrinking and gaining a slight upturn as his eyes grew wide and his skin softened.

All this happened in the space of just a few seconds. The changes made Corey stumble and fall towards Mr. Myers, who caught him in his strong arms. Corey’s tremendous breasts were pressed against Mr. Myers’s torso and he could smell the woody scent of the principal’s body, a scent he had been intimately familiar with in one of his previous forms and which was making his stomach do backflips in anticipation. Corey pushed himself up to his feet and had just enough time to notice the word “Hooters” written across his expansive chest when there was a gasp from the other side of Mr. Myers. Corey looked past his principal to his girlfriend.

Caitlin looked down at herself in shock, eyes wide, mouth agape, hands moving frantically in the air as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was staring down at her body as if she’d never seen it before. Corey couldn’t see what was wrong with her. He was the one who’d changed. Caitlin was still a striking platinum blonde with impeccable makeup. She wore a matching Hooters outfit, the form-fitting shirt so tight it seemed painted on even as it helped her huge breasts make a mockery of. It was how she looked every day.

She looked around frantically, her eyes finally settling on Corey.

“What happened to me?” She whispered.

Corey moved towards her, ignoring the strange jiggling, shaking of his own buxom body as he sought to comfort her. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? I- I’m wrong! Can’t you see?”

She presented herself to him, arms out, as if the change was obvious. The students in the crowd began murmuring among themselves and Mr. Myers stepped between Corey and Caitlin. He thrust the scepter into Corey’s hand and then angled Caitlin and Corey to the front of the stage.

“Your new prom king and queen everybody!” Mr. Myers announced, apparently ignorant of the changes they’d both just undergone.

Mr. Myers nodded towards the DJ, who started up the prom song, drowning out the noise from the crowd. Mr. Myers took Corey and Caitlin’s hands and placed them together, gently prodding them towards the front of the stage.

“This is your dance,” Mr. Meyers said.

Caitlin seemed to be in shock as Corey slipped his arm around her waist. They slow-danced to the music and the rest of the students joined in on the dance floor. Corey’s breasts were pressed against Caitlin’s. He’d always been enamored with her impressive chest but now his rivaled hers. Caitlin let herself be danced around the stage by Corey but her eyes were still wide and wild.

“Corey what’s going on? Why is my body different? Why am I a Hooters waitress?” She whispered into his ear, sniffing away tears.

“What do you mean?” Corey murmured, “You’ve always been a Hooters waitress. I’m the one who’s changed.”

“Corey,” she said, pulling back but still clutching his hand. “You’ve always been a Hooters waitress. Not me.”

In a flash Corey saw it all. “The magic must have spread.” He muttered. He looked at Caitlin again, trying to see the differences. But to his eyes, she was the same busty blonde Hooters girl she’d always been.

“What?” Caitlin stared at him with her baby blue eyes, waiting for answers.

Corey took her in. Caitlin was always so impeccably made up, her skin so gorgeous, her bright smile making all the girls jealous and all the guys want to drop massive tips on her table. He tried to see past her appearance, tried to rack his brain for what she used to look like but it was all gone. She’d always looked like this, always looked like a platinum blonde bimbo despite her intelligence.

“Caitlin, listen to me,” Corey said as they continued dancing, faking some semblance of normal. “Neither of us have ever been Hooters waitresses.”

She cocked her head. “But—”

“I know it seems like I have. That’s what you remember, but it’s not true. I was a guy. I was tall, I played basketball, I had…I had muscles. I don’t remember what you used to look like. To me, you’ve always looked like this. The magic has altered our appearances. It’s also altered everyone else’s memories. They think we’ve always looked this way.”

“Did you say magic? What magic?”

As the slow song went on, forgotten in the background, Corey explained what had been happening with George and his spell books and the imperfect magic. It was such a relief being able to tell Caitlin what had been happening to him and to finally see that she believed him. He didn’t tell her everything. He left out the parts about what he’d done to George and Mr. Myers, and how he’d gotten so much pleasure from having them inside him.

“We have to get George and get to those spell books before…” He paused, not knowing if Caitlin was ready.

“Before what?”

“Before the behavioral changes. We’re going to start acting the part of whoever we look like. I think maybe destroying the spell books is the only way to finally end this spell.”

Before Caitlin could respond the music ended and Mr. Myers stepped in to break them up.

“Thank you, Corey. Caitlin. Congratulations. Now you can get back to your duties.”

“Sure thing.” Corey said.

Caitlin and Corey hurried back to the buffet and picked up a few trays of wings before strolling out to disperse them to the students within the crowd.

“Buffalo wing?” He asked, smiling and offering his tray of food to the first small group he came to.

Corey laughed and smiled at the right places, making sure to put his shoulders back so his breasts stuck out in front of him. A few feet away he could see Caitlin doing the same, joking and flirting to try to make the best impression. It was hard to believe she’d ever been different. He loved her for who she was, but…how did he know exactly who she was? For that matter, how did he know who he was? These thoughts ran through his mind as he walked through the room serving the food and thinking how he needed to get to the spell books before his behavior started to change.

His heavy breasts jiggled with each step and he made sure to angle his ass out towards the guys, let them get an eyeful of his tight bod. The more they ogled him the better their tips. He was here to serve them, give them a good time, some good food, and be their eye candy. He wasn’t craving sex and he was just as eager to serve the crowd as he’d always been, competing good-naturedly with his girlfriend for tips.

There was a niggling thought that this wasn’t normal, that he wasn’t supposed to be offering food to the students at the prom. He should be…what? Dancing? His mind kept worrying at the problem but any objections were faint, like something just on the tip of his tongue that he should remember. As far as he could recall he had no life outside being a waitress and it was his duty to make the customers happy.

Deep in thought, Corey almost didn’t see Mike standing among a group of guys and calling him over. The six foot six basketball player used to be one of Corey’s best friends on the team. Possibly still was. That was the problem with all these magical changes. It was hard to keep track of everything.

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