Eager to fulfill

“I didn’t want to dress like this,” Rob explained, “But I had to because I knew your dad would like it.”
“Uh,” Maria said, slightly taken aback, “What else did you do?”
“Nothing,” Rob mumbled, preferring not to tell his girlfriend how he had straddled her dad and ridden him hard. “You have to find a way to break this spell.”
Maria had found a spell that was supposed to make her boyfriend, Rob, more attentive to her needs but she’d messed it up and accidentally put her boyfriend’s mind into her mom’s body. What’s more, her boyfriend was now attentive to her dad’s needs.
“I’m trying,” Maria assured him. “Can you go change? Seeing my mom dressed like this is weirding me out.”
“I can’t,” Rob sniffed, running a hand through his silky blonde hair. “Your dad wants me to greet him like this when he comes home. You have to find a way to undo this spell before that happens.”
When Maria’s dad wasn’t around, Rob felt awkward and uncomfortable in her mom’s body. He was having a hard time adjusting seeing her face in the mirror, and her slender body whenever he looked down at himself. Even walking in heels was hard.
But when Maria’s dad was nearby it was a different story. Suddenly, Rob was a seductive vixen, elegant on his heels and always primed for sex. The spell had linked the two of them and Rob couldn’t stop himself from pleasing Maria’s dad. He dreaded to think what he would have to do when Maria’s dad came home. He knew he would transform into a dripping puddle, a horny, sexy MILF eager to fulfill her husband’s every desire.

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    1. Don’t worry, another one coming in the next day or to and I’ll continue to release 2 or 3 a month. Life has just been very busy recently!

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