Request: Hello! Love your captions! Is it okay if you can do a caption where my girlfriend has the magic remote and uses it to turn me into a mindless stud who obeys her every command, but accidentally messes up and swaps our bodies leaving me to control both her body and her mind that is stuck in my body!

Doug fell back on to the bed and his girlfriend, Krissy fell on top of him, launching her mouth on his sensitive nipple and nudging his legs apart so she could slide into his wet opening. Doug moaned, one leg thrown in the air as his former cock sheathed itself deep into his wet warm pussy. Krissy was unable to stop herself from kissing her new body, from licking her own ripe tits, from plunging deep into her own warm depths. She hated that she loved it so much.
Krissy had found a magic remote and used it on Doug. It had been playful at first, but soon she’d turned Doug into a mindless stud who obeyed her every command. She’d humiliated him. Made him obey her every whim while she increased his horniness levels until he was mad with lust but unable to act without her permission.
And then Krissy messed up, pressing some combination of buttons that swapped their bodies. Suddenly, Doug was free of the command to obey but was now in his girlfriend’s sexy body. Now he had control of her.
“Wow, fuck me,” Doug whispered, staring down at his girlfriend’s tits.
Krissy’s body took that as a command and tore off his clothes before launching onto him onto the bed. She felt so good as she slid inside him and Doug gave himself in to the pleasure.
“Don’t cum until I tell you to,” he managed to mutter as Krissy ravaged his body.
Krissy used her cock and her fingers and her tongue, giving Doug five orgasms before he finally let her fill him with his own seed, moaning again and enjoying one last climax as Krissy pumped in to her former body.

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