Oversexed 2

My girlfriend, Hannah, bent me backwards and yet again shoved her massive cock into my tight hole. I took her entire length, my pussy accommodating her, tight and wet. Her massive hand landed on my tiny ass and she kissed my forehead. As she thrust into me my enormous tits bounced and I came right away beneath her touch, crying out in her lust-soaked voice as she railed me on the bed.
If I had any thought other than lust it would have been regret. I’d found the magic remote and begun changing us, giving us both the perfect bodies. But I went further than that, and turned Hannah into my personal oversexed slut who was constantly hungry for my cock.
It had been so much fun – for me, anyway – until Hannah got her hands on the remote and pressed something that swapped our bodies. Suddenly I was in her now-perfect form and aching for my former dick. Hannah crushed the remote in her iron grip and then took me right there in the bedroom.
I couldn’t believe how much I wanted it, how slick and wet I got just watching her grow, how much I loved the taste of her dick on my tongue, and the feel of her cock inside my warm wet pussy. I was her plaything now, desperate to please her as she fucked me for hours, giving me orgasm after orgasm before finally cumming in an impossible torrent.
She throbbed inside me, filling me with her warm seed until it spilled down my thighs and pooled onto the bed. When she released me I fell onto the bed, still not satisfied. I scrambled for her cock, popping it into my mouth so I could suck our mingled juices. She grew between my lips and was soon at her full length and plunging into my depths once more, enjoying our magical lovemaking.

Sebastian wakes up one morning in the body of Cindy, a cute young woman who lives in the dorm room below him. But his own (former?) body is still moving around, completely oblivious to Sebastian’s confusion. What’s more, Cindy is still conscious and thinks every sexy thing she’s done is of her own free will in Suddenly Cindy 1, only available on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. I really love a part 3 in this caption, imagine hannah being a total sigma and not getting safisfied with his New Wife so she decide to have a Threesome or a foursome with more Girls.

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