World seemed to stop

Frank screwed up his little face and moaned as he was entered for the first time. Jesus, his friend’s stepsister’s pussy was so tight. That or his friend was so large. Either way, the cock felt so amazing as it slid into his twat.
Frank’s friend, Ed, always had a weirdly close relationship with his stepsister, Alice. Frank’s suspicions were confirmed when he came over unannounced one day and caught them in the act. It was doubly disappointing because Frank had a crush on Alice.
One day Frank found a magic amulet and used it to try to possess Ed’s body. But Frank messed up the spell and ended up inside Alice’s body just as the two were starting to go at it again. Alice was already wet and Frank found himself looking down through her eyes at her slender body as Ed buried his face between her legs.
God, it felt so damn good to have his pussy licked like that. Ed made him cum twice and Frank didn’t resist as Ed flipped his tiny body over and gripped Frank’s slender hips before sliding slowly inside Frank’s new pussy.
The world seemed to stop as Frank was entered, all thought on remaining loose, on letting this monster dick slide slowly through his tight canal. When Ed was all the way inside Frank felt so amazingly full. He groaned, not wanting to release this feeling. And it only got better as Ed sped up, thrusting into Frank’s pussy in a way that made him throw his head back and moan as he tried to push his back on the bed, trying to drive that wonderful cock ever deeper into his body.

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  1. (Sigh!). I really love it to experience this myself, being sealed as a real woman forever when I receive his cum load inside my pussy … . – Tom –

  2. I’m so envious! Wish I had that magic to do such wonderful things!
    Does Ed stay in her body permanently? Zoe

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