Let’s check these out

“This is awesome!” Jack squealed, looking down at his next door neighbor’s body.
Rachel’s tits hung from his chest, covered only by her skimpy blue bathing suit top.
“Well, let’s check these out right away,” he said to himself, reaching back to untie the top.
Jack had been creeping on the girl next door, watching her from his upstairs window as she lounged about the pool, practically teasing him with her nubile body. Her dad had caught Jack taking pictures and tried to get the police involved. When that failed he came over to intimidate Jack, warning him he would kick his ass if he caught him spying on his daughter again.
Well, now Jack was inside her body thanks to a magic spell and there was nothing her dad could do if he wanted to look at himself.
Or touch himself.
“You all right, pumpkin?” Her dad called out from the living room before Jack had completely removed his top.
“Fine, daddy,” Jack chirped back, then muttered happily to himself. “Just enjoying your daughter’s tits.”
There was a loud pounding on the front door. No doubt it was Rachel, stuck in Jack’s big blubbery body, come to beg for her body back. This should be fun to watch.
Jack sauntered inside the house and smirked from behind her dad as Rachel tried to convince him of the impossible. All she got for her efforts was a punch in the nose. And a brief flash of her own tits from Jack, laughing from the hallway behind.

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