Never agrees

“After…this…can we please…oh!…reverse this…” I moaned as my girlfriend fucked me with my own cock.
I gripped the bed, my little ass in the air as my girlfriend plunged into my wet heat. Each inch brought a surge of pleasure as her cock spread apart the walls of my pussy, curving up through my canal and pressing against my G-spot. My tits bounced with each thrust and my legs were jelly as pleasure roiled me, my girlfriend holding my ass up so she could keep driving into me and driving the cries out of me.
My girlfriend and I had found a genie who granted us each one wish. My girlfriend was gorgeous but treated sex like a chore, barely suppressing a yawn no matter what I did. So I wished her to be constantly horny and only my dick would satisfy her. Well, she heard that and decided to teach me a lesson so she wished that we swapped bodies.
I instantly ended up in her stacked blonde body with a pussy that was practically gushing. We’ve been like this for three days and I’ve been a wet mess the entire time. The only time I’m satisfied and can think is when she’s inside me and I’m cumming around her. She gives me so many orgasms as she drives into me, satisfying me temporarily. But the moment she finishes I’m horny again. God, waiting for her to recover is agonizing. I can’t think of anything else except her cock and my pussy soaks the bed. I can’t even relieve the pressure with my fingers.
When she’s inside me and I can briefly think I beg her to switch back. But she never agrees.

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  1. If I was in this problem. I will let my now boyfriend fuck me until he falls asleep I will go to my new house. Than I will tell my Mom ,and Dad what happened. I will tell them that I don’t want to be over the top horny.
    Give them the 🧞‍♂️.

  2. I am sorry but after the swap and being in this situation I have only one wish: that the swap can never be undone and will be absolutely permanently!! I love it to stay such a woman forever, living together with such a husband!! – Tom –

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