Beats prison

“Whoa, shit.” Marvin muttered to himself as he clutched his top to his chest and stared at the cute young woman in the mirror. “I’ve got a fuckin’ pussy. And tits.”
Marvin had been a 300 pound hulk of muscle covered in tattoos who’d been serving life in prison with no parole. Until he discovered the spell inside one of the prison library books. All he needed was the hair of someone he wanted to swap with. Marvin had been writing to a woman on the outside and he asked her to send a lock of her adult son’s hair. Well, she must have fucked up or mixed up the hair or something, because when Marvin used it to cast the spell he found himself in the body of the woman’s teenage daughter. Now he was a petite, slender girl. Somewhere in prison a 300 pound hulk of muscle covered in tattoos was probably crying himself to sleep.
That wasn’t Marvin’s problem anymore. Though being in her body was. He had none of her memories and would have to fake his way through her life. Hell, at this point he didn’t even know her name. All he knew was that she had a fantastic ass and teeny tits.
Marvin dropped his top and stared at his petite tits. He reached up and gave them a squeeze, his luscious lips stretching into a smile as he touched himself. His tits were small but they felt so good.
“This sure as hell beats prison,” he muttered to himself as he began enjoying his body for the first time.

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  1. Pretty dark and awesome. I loved it. You should do a big prison break story, all the convicts swapping with random girls ( Students, teens , Pregnant woman etc).

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