Gave them to you

“What…the…fuck…” Dani whispered as she stared down at someone else’s truly enormous breasts that hung from her chest and felt someone else’s long silky auburn hair spill down over her head.
Her new tits hung from her chest, heavy and full, much bigger than the tiny A-cups she had just a few days ago before she and her boyfriend, Glen, got hold of the magic amulet that could swap body parts. They’d had some fun swapping each other around but Dani was soon over it.
Glen, apparently, was not.
“You like ’em?” Glen asked from the doorway.
Dani flipped her head up and tossed her new silky hair back behind her head before staring up at her boyfriend. He was idly flipping the magic amulet around in his hand.
“Whose tits are these?” She demanded.
“One of my coworkers. She’s a real cow but she’s got some amazing tits. So I gave them to you. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees those itty bitty titties you had. Now come here, let’s check out the goods.”
He started towards the bed but Dani stopped him.
“You can’t just fucking change my body without my permission.”
“I thought I was doing you a favor!”
Dani snatched the amulet from his hand and closed her eyes. Glen felt a shifting beneath his shirt and suddenly two peaks pressed out from beneath. He flipped up his shirt to find two baggy breasts, lined with stretch marks.
“What the hell?” He yelped.
“Just doing you a favor,” Dani smirked. Your mom had some amazing tits so I gave them to you.”

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