Ajay didn’t know that the bottle of body wash in the shower of the Airbnb was magical. He squirted some on his hand and spread it around his body until he was sudsy and slick.
The changes came suddenly and with more surprise than pain. His dark mocha skin lightened and he shrunk slightly. His body filled out, ass getting bigger, hips growing wider, a little pouch of a stomach. And then two huge tits blossomed on his chest.
“Holy shit!” Ajay cried, falling back against the tiled wall as the changes raced across his body.
His arms thinned, the nails of his fingers grew longer and became perfectly manicured. Ajay’s cock disappeared, sucked quickly into his body before being replaced with a shaved pussy. His dark hair turned blonde and curled down his head as his face rearranged itself, features growing softer and slightly plumper.
When it was all done Ajay was shocked to look down and discover the body of a curvy twenty year old White woman. As the water from the shower rushed down his body, all he could do was stare at himself.
Ajay didn’t know it but the magic soap had transformed him into the last person to use it. Just like he’d become Kylie, she’d become the forty-year-old father who used it before her.
The soap never worked on the same person twice, leaving Ajay having to explain to his very traditional Indian parents why he was now a blonde woman. His mom seemed to be more disappointed than anything. Typical of her. But maybe now she’d stop dumping all her expectations on Ajay.

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  1. This idea is fantastic!! Would love to see one where Alex uses his girlfriends body wash and ends up swapping into her body! GREAT WORK!

  2. Fun idea. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of a chain swap (becoming the last person to use magic item)

    I wonder if his mom will leave him alone now, or maybe use it herself.

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