Body Switch Collection Volume 15

Five previously published erotic body swapping stories, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Stories in this collection include:

Game Changer (MtF Body Swap)
A magical board game forces a son to swap bodies with his stepmom.

Change of Plans (MtF Body Possession)
Two young women think that their change in lifestyle is their own choice, unaware that they’re being possessed by two homeless men out to explore new lives.

Never Gonna Give You Up (FtF Body Possession)
A woman who can switch her mind into other bodies uses her ability to stalk her ex’s new girlfriend and steal her life.

Back Together (MtF Body Possession)
I needed to know if my college crush still liked me, so I possessed her body for a weekend examine her memories and enjoy her life.

Yummy Mummy (MILF Body Possession)
An old man possesses the body of his curvy MILF stepdaughter for a break from his own life, and he can’t resist exploring his new body.


    1. Ah crap. I thought I was keeping good records! Clearly not. I’ve replaced Terms and Conditions but Amazon may take a day or two to update.
      EDIT: And everything is updated. Thank you!

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