Taking my wife 2

Part 1 is here.

Request: Great cap! I would love a continuation in which he experiments with someone else while he is still in his Wife body

The second day at the conference in my wife’s body was even better. I didn’t have to present anything so the pressure was off. I could just enjoy myself.
It was almost lunchtime when a woman approached me. Dark hair, enchanting eyes, killer body. She saw me speak and wanted to talk to me about my work. I knew a little about my wife’s work but wasn’t sure it was enough to hold a long conversation.
Fortunately, her talking to me was just an excuse to flirt. I didn’t even realize it was happening at first. I thought we were just being friendly. But the way she touched my hand, and smiled at me, and stood close to me, I soon knew.
One thing led to another and we ended up back in my hotel room. There we dropped any pretense of a collegial relationship and were all over each other.
She knew how to play my wife’s body and soon I was naked on the couch. Her fingers slid into my dripping wet pussy as I threw my head back and gasped. She licked my cheek and I could smell the delightful floral scent of her perfume.
I shook and moaned around her fingers as she stroked my borrowed pussy. Then she brought her hands to my lips and made me taste myself.
She soon undressed as well and we had a delightful evening licking and sucking and fingering each other in many different positions. She taught me a lot about my wife’s body that I could bring home to my wife.

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