The only thing you need

It’s been three days since the school bully transformed you into a hot senior and made you crave his dick. You’re no closer to figuring out how to free yourself from the spell and, anyway, it’s hard to think of anything else except the bully’s cock.
You’ll let him take you anywhere. Like today, he brought you back to your house to fuck you in the living room. Your little ass fits so perfectly up against his groin. Your pussy fits his cock like a glove. Each thrust sends your tits bouncing and another surge of pleasure through you. You lean your head back, desperate for his lips as he grips your hips and shoves deep, deep inside you.
The pleasure is building with each thrust and he’s tied you both together so that you’ll cum when he does. God, you need it so bad. Your pussy is sopping wet.
“Cum for me, please!” You moan in a voice dripping with raw lust.
He just laughs and smacks your ass, making you moan with another almost-orgasm. God, he’s made himself able to last forever.
At some point you’re vaguely aware that your parents walk in. They make a move towards the two of you — maybe to stop you? — but the bully freezes them in their tracks. You should be worried about what the bully will do next. To you. To your family. But your mind is empty except for thoughts of his cock. Your body sits on the edge of orgasm, waiting for his seed to fill you and send you over the edge.
It’s the only thing you need anymore.

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