So much for easy

Request: Witch mom teaches her son a lesson for not appreciating his father, by swapping her and her son. Son has to do everything his father asks, including in bed.

Hugh didn’t want to be in his mom’s body. And he certainly didn’t want to be groping her breasts. And he really didn’t want to be licking his dad’s cum off his new nipple.
“Fuck, babe, that’s hot,” Hugh’s dad grinned as he watched Hugh lick himself clean.
Hugh had been punished by his mom. She wanted him to learn to appreciate his father better so she swapped bodies with Hugh and cast a spell that made it so Hugh had to do anything his dad asked of him.
“What do you really want to do to me?” Hugh had purred when the magic compelled him to seek his dad’s request in bed that night.
“Well…I’ve always wanted to cum on your tits and watch you lick it off.”
Hugh smiled, glad he was getting off relatively easy. “I can do that.”
“But first…a blow job?”
So much for easy. Hugh was compelled to wrap his mom’s tits around his dad’s dick while he sucked him off. The magic had made him so good at blowjobs. He teased his dad, forced to swallow the salty taste of pre-cum as he rolled the cock around in his mouth. Finally, finally his dad was ready to cum and he blew his load all over Hugh’s chest. The hot seed dripped down Hugh’s mom’s tits and he was compelled to pull them to his lips and lick his dad’s salty essence off his body.

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