Wish on a Star (MtF Body Swap)

A young man’s wish comes true when he swaps bodies with his aunt in Wish on a Star, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories.

Reese is jealous of his aunt Judy. She runs her own business, she makes her own rules, and is always getting whisked away to exciting places by handsome men who shower her with money and attention. So when Reese is offered a wish he wishes that he could swap lives with her. He never imagined his wish would come true but instantly finds himself in her incredibly sexy body.

Now Reese gets to live the life he’s always wanted in the body he’s always desired. When he’s given the option to go back to his old life will he take it? Or will he stay as a stunning, vivacious woman forever?

A peel of laughter rang out from within the hair salon just as Reese stepped inside. He paused just inside the door, enjoying the chill of the air conditioning after the humid walk from school.

Reese’s aunt, Judy, was in her usual place behind one of the two hairdressing chairs in the salon. She wielded a pair of scissors and a comb, using them to make quick clips of an older woman’s long hair while relating another in her seemingly limitless store of adventures.

“So he’s standing there, dripping wet in his button down shirt and khakis,” Judy said as she snipped. “And then I say to him, I say, ‘Well, looks like I’m not the only one who’s getting wet on this date’.”

Judy had to pause snipping as she laughed, joined by the woman who’s hair she was cutting. Another younger woman with dark red hair who sat beneath the dome-shaped hairdryer against the opposite wall laughed with them, a magazine forgotten in her lap.

“You did not!” The woman beneath the dryer exclaimed.

“I did!” Judy affirmed, before resuming her styling.

She paused and glanced over at Reese, shooting him a brilliant smile. “Hi, Reese, need a ride home?”

“Yes, please.”

“Have a seat. Should be done in about a half hour.”

Judy flicked her head to toss her shoulder length brunette hair out of her face and resumed cutting the older woman’s hair as Reese took an empty seat in the waiting area of the salon.

“I’ll have to tell you the rest of the story later, Madge,” Judy winked in the mirror at the woman who’s hair she was cutting. “Young ears and all.”

Reese’s ears turned pink at the remark. Despite being eighteen years old Judy sometimes treated him like a child. He’d certainly seen more salacious things on the internet than any story his aunt could tell.

He dropped his backpack down on the floor and sat back in the uncomfortable plastic waiting area chair. He was tall and bony and couldn’t find a position that didn’t result in the back of the chair digging into his spine, finally settling for a slouch. He caught sight of himself in the mirror and ran a hand through his hair to try to tame down the wild black curls. Nothing to be done about the acne.

Judy had returned her attention to Madge and they were now talking about Madge’s child, who was apparently due in court the next day for some trouble he’d caused.

“That’s because he’s a Taurus and the moon was busy making connections this month.” Judy affirmed with brisk confidence.

“What am I supposed to do?” Madge asked.

“Tauruses can buckled down and concentrate if they really want to. Just keep him out of the moonlight for the next week or so.”

Reese pulled out his phone and scrolled through the internet, killing time and ignoring the bullshit astrology talk going on around him.

Aunt Judy’s hair salon was much closer to school than his own home. Often, when he stayed after school for the Dungeons and Dragons club, he would walk the half mile or so to Judy’s salon instead of catching the bus. Reese’s house was on her way so she would bring him home when she finished with her customers. Reese didn’t mind waiting in the salon. It gave him a chance to play on his phone without being nagged.

“Go outside, get some exercise!” Reese’s dad would say whenever he found Reese lounging around his bedroom on Saturdays, quite forgetting that Reese played basketball in a local youth league on Saturdays and had just been running up and down the court that morning.

The women had gone quiet. Reese paused scrolling through his phone and glanced up at Judy. She was focusing on Madge’s hair, which gave Reese some time to focus on his aunt.

Judy was a slender woman with cute slightly-elvish ears and an adorable little slope of a nose. Her brunette hair fell down over her shoulders like a waterfall, albeit one that curled at the very tips. She was in her early thirties—the dirty thirties as she claimed—but danced about the salon like a woman in her twenties. Effortlessly fashionable, today she wore a simple green-and-white-striped sleeveless dress that tied in a fancy bow behind her neck before draping over her graceful figure. The plunging neckline gave an amazing view of her cleavage, while the hem stopped just above her calves to give a glimpse of her lovely legs. When she bent over Reese caught a flash of her perfect breasts in the mirror, nestled beneath a simple white bra.

She looked up at him through the mirror, caught him looking her way, and winked at him. “Isn’t that right, Reese?”

Reese hadn’t been paying any attention. He mumbled, “Uh, don’t know,” and dropped his gaze back to his phone as she tittered.

“He doesn’t believe in astrology,” Judy said to Madge. “That’s because he’s a Leo.”

The other reason Reese didn’t mind getting a ride home from his aunt was because he had a crush on her. He knew, mentally, that it was wrong and bad and gross and all that. But, physically, his body wouldn’t listen to his brain. Judy was hot. She had a youthful exuberance about her and a carefree manner that showed in her every lively step. Reese had heard many stories from her how she was carded for some event, or the times college guys hit on her thinking she was in one of their classes.

Her life seemed so much more exciting than Reese’s did. She was always having adventures. Meeting new people. Meanwhile, Reese was doing the same things over and over with a group of the most unpopular kids in school. He would never, like Judy did, go on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Las Vegas without any kind of plan, or agree to fly away on some millionaire’s jet to an exotic island just for some fresh fish. Hell, no one would even ask Reese to do those things. People liked Judy in a way that they didn’t like Reese. His frenetic energy and seeming indifference to his appearance put a lot of people off. Judy was approachable. Plus, Reese had to admit, she had a lithe hourglass figure with a beautiful, pinchable butt and glorious bouncing breasts.

“There you go,” Judy said, flipping her scissors easily around one finger before sliding them into the jar of disinfectant on the counter.

She pulled out a hair dryer hanging from a holster attached to the counter and combed and blow-dried Madge’s hair. When Judy was done, she held up a small hand mirror and flitted around Madge so she could admire Judy’s handiwork. When Madge had pronounced it wonderful Judy swept the black apron from around Madge’s neck, took her payment, and ushered her to the door with a promise from Judy that she would ‘see you next week for a touch up’.

Judy helped the other woman out of the hair dryer and began trimming. Again the talk turned to astrology and Reese couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“I saw that!” Judy gestured cheerily at him with her scissors. “If you don’t respect the stars how to do you ever expect to change your behavior?”

“Uh, because I respect psychology?” Reese joked.

Judy laughed it off. It was another reason Reese loved her. Anything she didn’t like to hear she played off as a joke rather than get into an argument. Reese could have really learned to do that instead of taking things so personal.

Still, there was something comforting in all her new age astrology talk. The idea that you could not only predict the future but change it. Throw in her crystals and her rituals and her eager insistence and he could almost believe that magic was real. A week ago when Reese was last in Judy’s salon he allowed her to do a tarot card reading on him. She’d ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ over the wheel of fortune and death, or some such combination. Apparently the star alignments in relation to the moon signaled some powerful magic was afoot.

“Think of something to wish for because next week it’s likely to come true,” she’d told him with another of her suggestive winks.

Despite his skepticism he had thought of it. It was sort of like buying a lottery ticket. He knew he wasn’t going to get his wish but it was fun to imagine. He discarded the big things first. Fortune. Fame. Love. They were all so big and abstract and far away.  No, he wanted something more down to earth and imaginable. If he could have anything, it would be for a chance at freedom to do his own thing. No expectations from his parents that he was to become a lawyer. Always off on an adventure somewhere. Just like his aunt. If he could have anything it would be to become her.

When Judy finished with the last woman and finally flipped the sign on the door to ‘Closed’ she heaved a sigh of relief and tucked her brunette hair back behind her ears.

“The sky’s clear. You ready?”

Reese shrugged. “Sure.”

He followed her through the back of the small salon. She unlocked the service stairs and they climbed the dreary grey staircase up three flights to the roof. They never passed anyone else on any of the other floors using these stairs and tonight was no different.

The sun was a thin line on the horizon and the stars were already appearing overhead. The city lights washed out many of the stars, but the brightest ones were still visible and Judy pointed up and traced his future across the sky.

“Look, the new moon is appearing in Leo. With the configuration of planets right now that’s very powerful. It means there’s nothing you can’t have if you wish for it. And your wish becomes much more powerful if you make it just as the sun sets. Divides allow powerful magic to slip through and there’s no bigger divide than between day and night.”

“Okay,” Reese said noncommittally.

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