Felt so good

I knew it was so wrong to masturbate in my student’s body but I just couldn’t help myself. Hannah was so revved up all the time, her hormones out of control. And for a week after Swap Class those feelings were my problem. The class had an uneven number of students so I’d traded with her, swapping my tired breasts and flabby stomach with her tight body.
I admit it was wonderful being young again. So alive and flush with energy. As Hannah, I got attention I hadn’t had in years, a fact I didn’t exactly enjoy. It was nice being physically attractive, but being hit on and ogled got old quick. I remembered why I didn’t like it the first time.
So I became sort of a recluse, returning home every day after school so I could be alone. Of course, that’s when the temptation was at its greatest. And I gave in.
Every afternoon I spent on my back, my feet in the air, legs spread wide so my fingers could slide into Hannah’s dripping wet pussy. God, her body was a dream, so sensitive and eager to cum. I bought a new toy for myself, a pink vibrator that felt wonderful as I slid it inside myself. The vibrations pulsed through me, making me writhe and moan as my body burned with pleasure. Hannah’s orgasms were intense. My body strained and my tiny voice moaned out as I came, pleasure filling my entire body in ways it hadn’t done in years. Even with the shame afterwards, I knew I would do it again. I couldn’t help myself. Hannah felt so good.

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  1. Who blame the teacher for enjoying such a beautiful and sensitive body. Everyone really deserves an opportunity to enjoy youth at midlife one last time!

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