Taking my wife

My wife really didn’t want to speak at the conference out of town so she sent me in her place. And in her body, using her magic to swap us.
“Have a good weekend,” she said, kissing me on my now-smooth cheek. Then she gave my butt a little smack. “Don’t have too much fun afterwards.”
Being in her little blonde body was such a turn on. My pussy got wet just looking down at myself and seeing my wife’s cleavage right in front of me. It was an effort to drive to make the four hour drive to the conference without stopping. Though I did give in to a little temptation and played with my tits on the drive. That just made me hornier, my nipples standing to attention.
The conference was fine. The presentations were whatever. My speech went well. I was looking forward to the night in the hotel room where I would be alone in my wife’s body for the first time in so long.
I was ecstatic to find she’d packed the tiny pink outfit that drove me crazy, as well as a small vibrator. I slipped into it and sat cross legged on the bed in the hotel room. At last I could touch myself slowly and enjoy my wife’s body at leisure.
I started with her heavenly breasts, bringing my hand up to squeeze each of them. Watching her stroke herself drove my body into warm arousal. The moisture dotted my panties as my pussy grew wet. I teased myself for a long time, fondling my tits beneath my top until I was dripping and aching for a finger inside myself. And then I enjoyed my wife’s immense orgasm.

A young man’s wish comes true when he swaps bodies with his aunt in Wish on a Star, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Great cap! I would love a continuation in which he experiments with someone else while he is still in his Wife body

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