Wet for the first time

Dale didn’t want to be a woman. He especially didn’t want to be his younger sister but the whole family was caught in the mind bomb explosion. Dale regained consciousness lying on the floor. Pushing himself up, he felt long silky hair cascade down his back and, looking down at himself, found he was wearing the the pink babydoll tee his sister had been wearing moments before. And his sister’s small breasts were poking up beneath the fabric.
Scientists were working on how to reverse the effects but for now it couldn’t be done with any accuracy. Dale had to return to college that semester in his sister’s body. He was scared to reveal what had happened to his girlfriend, Emilia, and tried to break up with her over text. But she’d heard about the mind bomb and came to comfort him.
They were a little awkward at first with each other, but still in love. After weeks of adjustment, Dale kissed Emilia one day as they lay on his bed together. To his surprise she kissed him back. And then their limbs were entangled, tongues and mouths clasped together as they desperately reached for each other after so long.
Dale was so horny, experiencing what it was like to get wet for the first time. Bliss filled his tiny body as he straddled Emilia’s face.and she slid her tongue between his glistening folds. Dale moaned as his sister’s pleasure roared through him and his own fingers found Emilia’s wet pussy. Emilia was incredible with her tongue, licking rhythmic shapes on his clit that made Dale throw his head back and moan, orgasming around his girlfriend’s face and enjoying his sister’s body for the first time.

A young man’s wish comes true when he swaps bodies with his aunt in Wish on a Star, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

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