Never got along

I never really got along with my stepmom, Brooke. She was demanding and controlling and wanted me to call her ‘mom’. Fuck that. She wasn’t even that much older than me but she acted like marrying my dad gave her some kind of power over me.
But, fuck, she was hot as hell. That hate and that lust combined and I found myself fantasizing about spite fucking her brains out.
When I first learned about astral projection I thought it was bullshit. But I tried it anyway because why not? It took a lot of practice but I eventually discovered how to do it pretty consistently. I’ll admit that the first thing I did was fly right through my dad’s closed bedroom door and into his body.
I landed in dad’s body and blinked my eyes to find Brooke hovering over me. She was naked and had that prissy little smirk on her face. Man, I was so hard.
I attacked those massive tits, burying my head between them, squeezing them, desperate with greed to just fucking dominate her body. She loved it, too, moaning in delight and growing wet for me.
I dropped her tits, gripped her hips and shoved her down on me. My dad’s cock plunged inside her wet opening and I nearly lost my grip and slipped out my dad’s body the pleasure was so intense. Instead, I gritted my teeth and thrust up into her, making her tits jiggle as I impaled her on my cock, grunting until I came inside her tight little pussy.
I returned to my own body and realized it was still horny. That’s the downside to astral projecting.

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