Swap therapy saved our marriage

I grabbed my petite husband around the waist and kissed him on the cheek. Christ, he looked so damn cute in my body. I was hard as a rock and I’d just got home. He giggled and a nipple slipped out from beneath the apron he wore. I pulled away and ran my fingers gently up his breast to stroke the tiny pink nub.
“Save it until after dinner,” he giggled again.
Swap therapy had really saved our marriage. We each retained the other’s desires and I finally understood how attracted to me my husband was. Because I now had that attraction for my former body. It was a fantastic self-esteem builder.
The sex had been a little weird that first time. I mean, I was literally fucking myself. Plus, in my inexperience I came all too quickly. Though I made it up to him by fingering him until he was jelly.
I kissed my pretty husband again and gripped him tighter, pulling him closer so he could feel my erection pressing up against him.
“I don’t think I can wait. And judging by that outfit, I don’t think you want me to wait.”
I took him right there in the kitchen, bent him over the counter, flipped up his apron and slid inside. As I expected he was already wet, and I shivered in delight as I was once again surrounded by that perfect wet heat.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his jiggling ass, but I managed to hold on until he moaned and then I released, pummeling him with my cock and filling him with cum as we orgasmed together.

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      1. I imagine a couple who were upset enought to go for thrapy could probably cause each other a fair bit of damage given the chance.

        Or maybe after swapping back a wife discovers her husband now has a very different attititude towards sex and gender.

  1. Apart from either dark or fun. This is actually a really great application of Swap Therapy. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these in future

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