Dinner party finale

Obviously I couldn’t just watch. Though it was so hot to do that I needed more. But I did want a break and the living room was a mess. Cum dripped down my brother’s chin and my mom still had a look of disgust on her face.
“Why don’t you two get naked and clean everything up?” I suggested to my brother (in mom’s body) and mom’s friend.
They did just that, leaving their clothes in a pile on the dining room floor as they brought the dishes to the sink. My mom’s friend had a nice body. Hell, my mom did, too. Especially after I tightened a few things up and de-aged them both a few years.
By the time everything was clean I was ready to go. I took my mom’s friend there in the kitchen, spreading her legs and pumping in to her warm wet pussy. I felt bad for my brother just sitting there so I made him hop up on the counter and finger mom’s pussy as the two women made out. My brother seemed a little squeamish about touching mom’s pussy so I helped out with my powers by bumping up his libido until he was a dripping mess. Both of them were. I plunged into mom’s friend, pumping her hard and watching her tits jiggle. I came so hard, squirting my hot cum into her tight little pussy as she moaned into my brother’s mouth.
I made them all get dressed and then released them, swapping my brother and my mom back into their bodies and then making everything we did seem normal and expected for a dinner party. My first day with powers was quite a success.

A young woman secretly uses some body transforming pills to turn into a sexy man so she can flirt with her mom’s friend and give her a confidence boost, but she soon gives in to her new body’s urges in A Friend in Need, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


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