Dinner party 2

My brother must have known I’d given him the orgasm in mom’s body but there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. He tried to play it off but I wasn’t having that. Mid-way through a bite of dinner I nodded my head and made him cum again. It was so funny watching him as he almost choked while his body was wracked with pleasure. He slammed his hand on the table and clenched his eyes shut, biting his lip to stifle the moan as he came.
By now it seemed my mom had figured out what had happened and that I was the cause. So of course I couldn’t leave her out of the fun.
I finished my dinner at a leisurely pace, letting them both wonder what I would do next. They tried to maintain some semblance of normality. They were pretty good, too. Might have even have pulled the whole thing off but that would have been no fun for me. Besides, I was tired of this game of being normal.
When I’d finished eating I wiped my lips with the napkin and dropped it on the table. Then I turned to my brother and my mom’s friend.
“I just think it’s so great how you two worship my brother’s cock,” I said.
I laughed as they both raced over to my brother’s body. They practically ripped off his clothes and then dropped to their knees to wrap their lips around either side of his cock. My mom gripped her former blonde hair and looked down in disgust, though my powers prevented her from pulling away as my brother used her lips to worship her new cock. The way the two women looked up at him with such adoration nearly made me cum. They competed for his cock, each of them taking turns sucking it while the other looked on in jealous lust.
My brother won and I laughed as he pushed mom’s friend aside to wrap his new lips around his former cock and suck down the hot bursts of mom’s cum.

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