Dinner party 1

An hour before the dinner party I used my new powers to swap my mom and my brother into each other’s bodies just to see what would happen. It was hilarious watching them scream and panic! When I’d had my fun with their reactions I made them quiet with a flick of my wrist and explained that I was responsible for the swap and that they would have to act like each other. If they did a great job I would swap them back.
They had questions for me, of course, but I explained that there was no ill will. I was just curious if they could do it. My brother balked at having to squeeze into mom’s little black dress and heels but I gave him no choice.
It was so funny when mom’s friend came over and my brother had to pretend to be buddy-buddy with her while knowing almost nothing about her. He was a pretty good actor, though. And the perfect host. Too perfect for me. This wasn’t as fun as I hoped so I decided to shake things up a little.
When my brother went into the kitchen to get something I leaned back in my chair to watch him. Right when he was in the doorway of the kitchen I nodded my head and gave him a sudden, intense orgasm.
He moaned and collapsed against the door frame, his thighs pressed together while he tried to hold himself up as pleasure raced through him.
“Everything okay in there?” Mom’s friend asked.
“Yeah…I just…slipped,” he replied, breathlessly.

A young woman secretly uses some body transforming pills to turn into a sexy man so she can flirt with her mom’s friend and give her a confidence boost, but she soon gives in to her new body’s urges in A Friend in Need, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Oh hell yes!! Love this caption, hope you do more like it or that we see him screwing with the rest of his family and his mom’s friends πŸ™‚

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