Why aren’t we?

Lew turned up the volume on the porno he’d ordered while Jon stood by the bed, one hand on his friend’s mom’s hip.
“Now Dan will think his parents are having sex,” Lew giggled, as the TV pornstar’s moans filled the room.
“Why aren’t we having sex?” Jon asked, shifting his legs and watching his big titties bounce around.
“Uh…I thought you didn’t want to?” Lew asked.
Jon and Lew had possessed Dan’s mom and dad and then spent the day trying not to laugh as they teased him. Dan had no idea it was his friends inside his parents making dumb jokes and giving him a hard time.
Jon was having fun teasing his friend, but he was also having a lot of fun eyeing the glorious new cleavage that sat just below his eyeline. If Dan noticed his mom was more obsessed with her tits today he hadn’t said anything.
Jon looked down at Lew. “Fuck, man, I’ve been wanting to watch these puppies bounce since I got in here. Now get naked and fuck me.”
The two stripped off their clothes and Lew soon had Jon over the bed in his feminine new body. Jon’s tits bounced at each thrust as Lew sank his new cock deep into Jon’s wet hole. The whole thing was accompanied by wild cries from the TV
Suddenly, the door opened and Dan rushed in. “I know that’s just a porno and you’re not — oh god!” Dan stopped, realizing that his parents were, in fact, having sex.
“Yeah, son,” Lew laughed, shooting him a thumbs up while remaining lodged inside Jon.
Dan turned and fled from the room, allowing Lew and Jon to enjoy their stolen bodies in peace.

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