Took her

Peter could only afford ten minutes in Bella’s body through so he had to move fast. He watched her front door from his house across the street until he saw her coming back from school. As soon as she entered the house he hit the button.
In an instant he was standing in Bella’s entryway, and inside her body. Peter tossed her backpack to the floor then pulled up his top. Bella’s tits bounced down into his hands and he clutched them, exploring the ripe roundness of each with her own dainty fingers. Just a few minutes of pinching his new tits made his body tingle, the delight at owning her form mingling with the physical pleasure from touching it.
He unsnapped his pants and shoved a hand down her panties. He was already a dripping mess, his fingers sliding into Bella’s warm, wet pussy.
Peter slid down to the floor, one hand clutching a breast, the other fingering his delightful new pussy. His mouth dropped open and little gasps escaped him as he fingered himself to orgasm. He shoved a finger deep into his canal and moaned, the orgasm spilling through him, making him tremble on the floor as he clutched himself. Hearing Bella orgasm was hot as hell, and made the warm tingles more urgent. He fingered himself again, enjoying one last rich, deep orgasm before being pulled back into his own body.
Peter wondered what Bella was thinking finding herself on the floor of her own house, fingers deep in her pussy. Probably the same thing she would be thinking the next time he took her body for his own pleasure.

A chaotic vampire mistress flees her lord by swapping bodies with a blacksmith’s apprentice, leaving him in her sexy undead body in Dark Lord Lord’s Mistress 1, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Part 1 of 4. Preview here.


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