Want to see something hot?

“Hey, guys, want to see something hot?” Ezra asked as he stood before his two un-shifted friends.
“Hell yeah!” Colton enthused.
“Isn’t that your sister’s body?” John asked.
Colton elbowed him. “If he wants to show it off, let him.”
Ezra grasped the sash and slowly pulled it, allowing the wispy robe to slip open. He slid his hands down his tight body to push it aside and let his friends ogle his incredible legs and tight rack.
“The say the Great Shift is forever,” Ezra said, blushing as the two guys ogled him. “So I may as well get used to all this, right?”
Ezra let the robe slip from his shoulders. He turned slowly, wiggling his butt and letting the guys check out his figure. It was funny how rapt they were to watch him. It was powerful in a way. They were mesmerized by his body. They always been the nerdy kids while Ezra’s sister had been the hot one. Now the shoe was on the other foot.
Glancing down, Ezra saw that Colton’s pants were tented out. Ezra smirked. Seemed like his friends were enjoying his new form as much as he was.
“This is me now,” Ezra said, finishing his turn. “What do you think?”
“Can I touch your boobs?” Colton asked.
“Yeah,” Ezra agreed.
Colton stood and grabbed Ezra’s new tits. They both stared down at his wonderful cleavage as Colton’s hands wandered over his bra.
“Help me take the bra off and you can see everything,” Ezra said, sweeping his long blonde hair up out of the way.
“What will your sister think?” John asked.
Ezra shrugged. “She can think whatever she wants. This isn’t her body anymore.”

A chaotic vampire mistress flees her lord by swapping bodies with a blacksmith’s apprentice, leaving him in her sexy undead body in Dark Lord Lord’s Mistress 1, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Part 1 of 4. Preview here.

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