Anything goes on vacation

Jon leaned over, pretending to sift through the blankets as the outfit he’d squeezed into slid slowly up his leg. He hummed a little tune to himself as he let one hand graze up and down his creamy thigh. He knew his friend, Kevin, was staring at him and he put a little more wiggle into his ass.
Jon had secretly used to possess Kevin’s stepsister, Erica, right before the family went on vacation. Jon knew how much Kevin lusted after Erica and he wanted to see if he could break him.
Soon after arriving, Kevin’s parents had gone for a walk into town, leaving Jon and Kevin alone in the rental house. Kevin’s eyes about popped out of his head when he saw Jon come out of the bedroom wearing a ridiculously tiny dress. Now Jon flitted about the room, Erica’s body threatening to spill out of the dress at any moment.
Jon did a through inspection of the living room as Kevin tried not to gape. Finally, Jon plopped down on the couch next to Kevin.

Jon leaned on the back cushions and rested his head on one hand. His silky hair spilled down the side of his face and his breast wobbled into place as he looked at Kevin. He was sure the real Erica had never paid Kevin this much attention.
“Hey, Kev,” Jon said in Erica’s honey voice. “You wanna do something before mom and dad get home?”
“Like what?” Kevin asked nervously.
“I don’t know,” Jon shrugged, before stretching one leg out over the other and running his toes down Kevin’s calf. A hint of a smile played at Jon’s lips. He was well aware of how damn hot he looked. “It’s a vacation. And anything goes on vacation.”
Kevin was flabbergasted and shifted nervously on the couch, trying to hide his growing arousal. Jon giggled and slowly tugged at the neck of his dress, letting a breast bounce free. He’d been moist all day and needed relief.
“I’ve missed my boyfriend so much. I was hoping you could play his part this weekend.”
Kevin was happy to do that.

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      1. Her name’s Breckie Hill, I think she’ll make a good model for your softcore stuff but good luck finding nudes or anything like that.

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