Whose life is it anyway?

“Whose life am I in now?” Joshua asked himself, sliding open the glass door and looking out at the pool that this body apparently owned.
After the mechanical malfunction of his machine, Joshua would possess someone else’s body whenever he fell asleep. This afternoon he’d gone down for a nap as an elderly homeless man and woken up a massive house. He was in a bedroom and wearing a blonde, busty body that itself was wearing a skimpy top and fuck-me heels.
And that was all.
He gave his butt a little smack as he surveyed the house he now owned. This life didn’t seem too bad. His pussy was a little wet and it took him a few seconds to realize that he wasn’t horny, this body had just fucked someone recently and he was still full of their cum.
The sound of a door opening behind him drew his attention and a man came in wearing nothing but a bathrobe. He looked at Joshua.
“What are you still doing here? The money’s on the dresser. You have to go before my wife gets home.”
Of course. He was another prostitute. Joshua struggled to get himself dressed, though the prostitute hadn’t showed up with many clothes on. He stashed the money in his purse and hurried out.
In front of the fancy house he’d just left was a beat up old car. Probably his. He sighed. Just once he’d like to end up in a life that hadn’t gone to shit.

Body swap with prostitute

A middle-aged man takes the place of his boss’s gorgeous daughter for a night in Natalie for a Night, on Smashwords and Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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