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Boyfriend girlfriend body sharing

“Jason, stop,” Becky admonished her boyfriend. He’d been sucked into her body and his mind had melded with hers after they’d touched an alien object. Becky could “hear” him think and shared his emotions. Sporadically, and for no reason Jason could fathom, he would suddenly find himself in control of parts of her body.
He was currently controlling her arms and hands and he used them to spread wide the top of his robe. Becky looked down at herself with the intent to cover up, but with her boyfriend’s feelings inside her, the sight of her own tits was exciting. The way they hung from her chest. The way they bounced. The way they felt as her hands came back up to squeeze them.
This time Becky didn’t complain. She gave a little laugh as a warmth took hold between her legs It was Jason’s desire playing out through her physical form.
How had she never been so enamored by her tits before? She gaped at them, unable to keep her hands or her eyes off them. The warmth between her legs grew stronger, bringing with it a restlessness that needed release.
“Mmm,” she sighed, “Touch my pussy.”
Her hands untied the rest of the robe and then one cupped a fat breast while the other slid down between her legs. So strange to feel her own fingers fumbling about in her pussy, but Jason soon got the hang of it and they both enjoyed Becky’s tremendous orgasm.

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