Fantasy Girls (Part 1) – Preview

Three women are trapped in a high tech brothel while strangers take turns possessing them and making them do the most degrading things in Fantasy Girls. Due to themes of coercion and mind control, this title is only available on Smashwords.

Melissa and her two friends have been kidnapped and held with a hundred other women in a secret high tech brothel. Even worse, they’ve been medically hardwired so that they can be possessed by other men, their bodies controlled while they’re trapped helpless inside their own minds.

Strangers jump in and out of their body, possessing them and forcing them to do the most erotic things. They can experience everything they’re forced to do and all the pleasure it brings.

Can they escape? Or will they be forever trapped as someone else’s play things?

Warning: This story contains elements of domination, control, and forced possession.


Someone was watching Melissa. She could feel it. It was a sunny afternoon and the cafes and shops along the street were bustling. Nothing looked out of place but that didn’t stop that gnawing feeling of discomfort.

Melissa clutched her oversized purse closer and glanced around as she hurried down the street. People went about their business, none of them seeming overly suspicious. Cars drove by. A busker on the street corner showed off his juggling skills. Still, her subconscious was telling her there was something off. She picked up her pace towards the boba café where she was meeting her two friends. This feeling of being watched had plagued her ever since she’d met up with that strange guy to give him the custom-made costume he’d ordered from her.

It was rare but not unusual for a guy to order a cosplay outfit. Usually it was the girls who commissioned Melissa to construct an elaborate costume for the anime conventions. This guy’s order been relatively straightforward – the tunic and armor were pretty standard – but Melissa was most proud of the wig she’d made for him. It was composed of jagged triangles, sticking up at odd angles and swooping down over the forehead. The edges of each block were outlined in a lighter color, giving a cartoonish appearance, as if it had jumped right out of a cell shaded animation.

Because the guy was a relative stranger from the internet, she had met him in the middle of a crowded open air mall. She’d deliberately picked out a very public place far from where she lived. He’d given her his measurements so she wasn’t surprised to see a short, squat young man lumbering towards her as she waited on the bench in front of the Forever 21. The guy wasn’t moving very fast but he was still out of breath when he reached her. His face was red and splotched with acne, and he was sweating profusely.

“Ah, the wonderful Melissa,” he said between wheezes.

She smiled politely, used to fans being overly familiar with her online persona at the cosplay conventions she attended. He’d paid extra to meet her in person, knowing that she lived somewhere in his city. It had been a particularly slow month and Melissa needed the extra cash so she’d reluctantly agreed. She’d dressed conservatively, in a cute but baggy yellow sweater that nearly swallowed her fingers and some fashionable jeans with yellow sparkles down one leg. The outfit hid her thin frame and was certainly less revealing than some of her more outlandish cosplay outfits.

The guy’s name was Luther and he seemed nice enough, if overly formal in a way that set Melissa’s teeth on edge. They made some small talk about the costumes she was working on and what conventions they were both planning on attending next. These sorts of meetings with fans were work for Melissa because she had to put on her cosplay persona and be bubbly and excited. After Melissa had judged she’d given him a decent amount of her time she thanked him and said she had to meet up with friends.

“Thank you. Thank you so very, very much,” Luther said, clutching the bag contained the costume to his chest. “I’ll make you proud.”

Melissa didn’t know how to respond to that, so she just thanked him again. They walked away in separate directions and when he was gone Melissa dropped her public persona. Her shoulders slumped and she let her mouth settle into her usual slightly dour expression. Her thin lips ached from smiling. She pushed her oversized glasses up her broad nose, her thoughts already drifting to the next outfit she had to work on and the next video she needed to upload for her fans. Outside of her cosplay persona she was serious and driven. This was her livelihood, after all.

Now, nearly to the café, Melissa’s wavy dark brown hair caught the breeze and she pushed it out of her face. She was certain he’d gone the other way – she’d watched him leave. So why was her brain so convinced someone was following her? The boba place was just ahead and a few seconds later she pushed through the glass doors into the cool air of the café. Bethany and Katie had arrived a few minutes before and were still waiting in line.

“Melissa!” Katie shouted, as if she they hadn’t just seen each other yesterday.

Katie grabbed Melissa in a big hug, a huge smile across her face. Katie was the girly one of the bunch, with a girl-next-door cute face and narrow eyes. As slender as Melissa but with a bigger bust. Effortlessly trendy and always smiling, she always brightened Melissa’s day. Today Katie wore white jeans and a burgundy sweatshirt with rolled up sleeves over a tight black shirt. Her auburn hair was blow dried and coiffed to perfection, her face made up to show off her rich red lips and soft features. She looked like a good-natured girly girl and was smart as a whip. She was constantly being hit on by guys, and she was sure that more than a few of her fellow programmers at Moonsoft wanted to ask her out but were too afraid to do so.

“Hi, Melissa,” Bethany said, bending her legs slightly and giving a tiny waist-high wave and a brief smile before clasping her hands together again.

Bethany was the nerdy one. Long-legged and limber, she was taller than the other two and quieter. She had a look that suggested she was constantly on the verge of apologizing. Cute but socially awkward, she preferred to stay at home with her nose in a book. It was a wonder that Bethany did so well at her nursing job in the hospital. Melissa had seen Bethany at work once and it was a total transformation. Her long black hair had been tied up in a tight bun and she was all business as she confidently bustled around and directed patients.  Now, here she was in a loose blue sweater and jeans, her hair down.

They ordered and then sat at a small table to talk. Katie twirled her wavy hair around one finger as she told the other two about her recent vacation with her boyfriend.

“It was so romantic. He had the whole cabin set up with candles – the vanilla ones I love. And he did everything. The dinner, the dessert—”

“The cleanup,” Melissa added, wryly.

“Absolutely!” Katie agreed, laughing loudly.

The three women had been friends since high school and chatted easily with each other. Still, that feeling of being watched never left Melissa. She glanced out the window a few times but there was nothing obviously wrong. No one staring at her. No unmarked vans.

“What’s up, Melissa?” Katie asked, turning her gorgeous green eyes on her. “You seem distracted.”

“Oh, it’s, uh, I don’t know. A weird feeling I’ve had all day. Like I’m being watched.”

“Ooh, creepy,” Katie shivered, before chewing on a lock of her hair.

“Do you want us to walk you back to your car?” Bethany asked.

“No. Yes. Maybe,” Melissa said. “I’m right on the street, I should be fine.”

“We’ll come with you,” Katie said, putting an end to the conversation.

When they finished their tea they accompanied Melissa back around the block to her car. They passed the busker on the street corner just as he finished up juggling and started in on bragging about his next tricks, trying to draw a crowd.

“Young ladies,” he said, calling out to the trio, “Stick around and I’m about to show you something that will blow your minds.”

“No thanks!” Katie laughed.

The girls slipped through the people who were gathering to watch, only stopping once they’d reached Melissa’s car.

“See you tomorrow,” Katie said, giving Melissa another hug.

The busker on the corner was strutting around the inside of the circle of people who’d gathered to watch, exhorting them to clap their hands to his rhythm. No one was watching the trio of girls when two white, unmarked vans came to a gentle stop in the street, blocking in Melissa’s car. Melissa had just finished giving Bethany a hug when the doors to both vans slid open.

Six men jumped out. They were muscular and grim looking, dressed in street clothes that bunched up in places, suggesting lots of weapons. Melissa had the feeling that they would have felt right at home wearing camouflage and following orders. Before any of the women could react, two guys grabbed each of them. One leaned in and growled in Melissa’s ear:

“Don’t struggle or we’ll fucking kill you.”

Melissa’s knees went weak and the men dragged her and her friends into the van. None of them resisted and it wouldn’t have mattered even if they’d tried. Each man was easily twice their size and with arms as big as some men’s legs. Once in the van, one held Melissa in a steely grip while the other prepared a needle before jabbing it into Melissa’s arm. She heard Katie cry out as she, too, was injected with something. Whatever it was, Melissa’s body went weak and then everything went black.

The two vans drove away with the rest of the traffic while the busker on the street captured everyone’s attention with his act.

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