Weekends were the best

Weekends were the best. My wife and I swapped bodies every Saturday. She would go out and do the yard work and feel rugged and masculine while I lounged around the bedroom in her body.
I spent most of the weekend naked, my fingers teasing my wife’s pussy, squeezing her heavy breasts, and moaning in her wonderful voice. My muscles strained, body growing tense with delightful pressure until it was released in a tremendous orgasm. I always had the best orgasms in her body.
I really meant to get up and do stuff. Help out around the house and the like. But every time I caught sight of my cute face in the reflection, every time I glanced down at my heavy bouncing tits, every time I brushed my fingers across my new pussy drove me wild. I had to finger myself again and again. My new body drove me wild.
I think it drove my wife wild, too. She would come in after a hard day’s work and watch me wriggle on the bed, enjoying another immense orgasm while she grew hard. I was usually still horny, still so eager to please her.
I taught her the simple joys of a blowjob, getting off at wrapping my soft lips around my own cock as my little ass wriggled in the air. I sucked her dick, pausing so she could control herself, driving her as wild as her body drove me.
Only then would I climb on top and ride her, my hands on my new tits, laughing and moaning as I came around my own cock and she thrust deep inside, filling me with my own hot cum.

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