None the wiser

“Do we have to?” Emily moaned.
“Come on, babe, Mike’s my best friend,” Shane said, wrapping his arms around his wife and kissing her neck.
“Yeah, but I just can’t stand Felicia.”
Felicia was Mike’s wife. She and Emily were cordial with each other but they didn’t really get along.
Felicia and Mike came over that night, as they did most weekends. They all had a drink and sat around talking. Emily tried to be polite but Shane could tell she just didn’t like Felicia.
That was, until Mike gave the signal to Shane and they both cast a possession spell on their wives. Shane was suddenly looking out at the world from behind Emily’s eyes, controlling her body as she fell asleep inside her own mind.
Then the two women were much more than cordial. Mike and Shane made out on the couch, undressing each other until they were both naked. Their hands wandered down each other’s slender form as their tongues met.
Soon Mike was lying across Shane on the couch, his head between Shane’s legs, hair tickling down Shane’s thighs as his tongue made wonderful patterns across Emily’s pussy. Shane moaned as he sucked on Mike’s pussy, the two possessed women growing wetter and wetter until they came, wriggling and moaning as pleasure swept through them.
After three orgasms Mike had to call it. Any longer and the women might get suspicious of how fast time had gone. The guys got dressed again and jumped out of their bodies, leaving their wives none the wiser, but all the more relaxed.

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