Dumb lust

“Oh, man, you’re a much better cocksucking slut than you ever were as a valedictorian,” Fred moaned as he lay back on the bed and watched his tormentor’s girlfriend suck his cock..
“Mmm, thank you,” the cute brunette beamed as she ran her tongue up Fred’s shaft.
Peter railed inside his girlfriend’s mind, trapped and helpless in her head as Fred made her his plaything.
Peter was helpless as he sucked Fred’s dick, and he didn’t know what was worse: sucking Fred’s dick, or that he enjoyed it so much. His new pussy was wet and eager for a hard cock to fill it.
Peter had gone from bully to bullied after Fred found a demon that granted him unlimited powers for revenge. Fred’s first stop was Peter’s house, where he found Peter and his girlfriend making out. He’d trapped Peter in his girlfriend’s mind and then turned her into a brainless slut who’s only desire was to serve Fred. Fred enjoyed watching the scowl on her face disappear, replaced with a look of dumb lust. She would do anything for him.
“I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow it all down.”
“I don’t like the taste of cum,” she frowned.
“My cum is your favorite flavor.” Fred ordered.
“Oh, yummy,” she agreed as the magic bent her will to his. She began bobbing her head up and down on Fred’s cock, eager to please him and dragging Peter along in her lust. When Fred finally came she swallowed it all down like the good little slut she now was. Peter wanted to choke and spit it up, but his body grew wet and hungry for more.

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