Can’t even

“Blech!” Eric said, sticking out his tongue and screwing up his face.
It was his first time looking in the mirror since his sister had stolen his body. Now he was faced with her delicate features, her small but perky breasts, and her slender body.
Eric looked down at himself in disgust. Fuck, his little nipples were already sticking out. He couldn’t believe he was getting aroused at the sight of his own body. Then again, if he just looked down he could almost pretend he was looking at some other woman.
“I’m going to fucking kill her,” Eric muttered.
His younger sister had found an amulet that let her swap bodies. She’d stolen Eric’s body so she could go out drinking. Meanwhile, Eric had to deal with her curfew. No one would have believed him so he was forced to act like his sister while his family was around. Only after heading upstairs and preparing to take a shower did he let down his guard.
Eric turned in the mirror, looking at every inch of his new body. It was like a train wreck he couldn’t look away from. It was especially weird looking at his new pussy.
“Ewww,” he said again, staring at the dark tuft of hair surrounding his sister’s entrance. “Oh, god, I can’t even.”
He shook his head and stepped into the shower, hoping to just get it all over with. But soaping himself up was more exciting than he’d imagined, and he soon found his hands playing all across his body and bringing the most wonderful sensations.

A high school basketball star is put under a curse by the school loser that sees him transformed into a different fictional woman every day in Every Day, available on Smashwords, Amazon or BodySwapStories. Preview here.

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  1. More brothers swapping with/possessing their sister’s bodies and exploring them please! Some of my favorite captions to see, especially when they like being in their sister’s body!

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