Serious trouble

“Eww, gross. Why did you do that?” Archie cried as he looked down at himself.
Archie squeezed his mom’s tits together to stop his friend’s cum from dripping down his cleavage. Archie didn’t really want to touch his mom’s breasts anymore, but he also really didn’t want to touch his friend’s cum.
“Sorry, man,” Norman replied, sticking his dick back in his pants and being very not sorry. “You knew what would happen if you teased me with your mom’s big old titties.”
“I can’t jump out and leave her like this. Now I’ve got to take a shower, which means…eww, I’ll see all of her.”
“If you need help taking a shower I’m here for you.”
“No, man, I don’t need any more of your kind of help.”
Archie had found a possession spell and was playing around with it. He knew Norman had the hots for his mom, so Archie possessed his mom to tease Norman with her big tits. Archie didn’t mean for it to go this far but one thing led to another and it felt so good when his friend was fucking his huge tits. He was staring down at his bouncing breasts and not paying much attention to Norman when Norman’s cock exploded, splashing hot cum on Archie’s mom’s tits.
Archie held on to his tits as he hurried to the bathroom, his body jiggling and swaying as he ran. he hoped he could wash and change back without his mom suspecting a thing. What he didn’t know was that his mom was entirely conscious in her body, and Archie was going to be in serious trouble when he left.

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